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She's got eyes of an innocence. The face of an angel, the voice of a heaven,,, silky touch, a personality of the dreamer. Pretty  inside and out, A TROPHY WOMAN..... 


   I am innocent VIRGIN GIRL from Russia.  I have never been touched by man, pure and clean like spring flower. I want to sell my virginity  to an experienced and gentle man with a  warm heart. I am a professional dancer of belly dance, jazz modern, bollywood. I enjoy classic literature and contempary art, exhibitions to the museams about scientific research.

I  am feminine, humble, desent,  sensual, graceful with good manners and captivating mind.  Also I am calm and soft spoken, delicate and stylish. Emotionaly stable.  I grow up in a loving atmoshere, which made me  a confident  and strong person. I always respect people and want the same for me. Politeness is very important for me, it becomes so rare today.

.....I am looking forward to see my first man with whom I can can give away the most priceless gift that I am still guarding for a noble gentlemen..  

I am open to consider of having an ongoing relationship after our first rendez - vous. 

P.S. I'm willing to travel to meet my first man to a several countires Europe, China, Singapore, Mexico and Bahamas.

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